Staff Qualities

Our employees are the people who make the company's vision become a reality, from supporting someone to meet their basic needs through to developing independence / skills and taking part in meaningful activities -  so what makes a great support worker? We've been asking that very same question to the people who use our service, their relatives and our staff themselves - below are the responses we had.

Most Popular

Across the board there were some attributes which most people feel are essential to being a good support worker - below are a list of these (as featured in our most recent newsletter).

  • Good Communicator
  • Cheerful / Good Sense of Humour
  • Observant
  • Caring
  • Consistent
  • Team Player
Frequent Responses

There were some responses that came up quite a few times (not as many times as the most popular answers but still quite frequent) - below are a list of these, some of which featured in our most recent company newsletter.

  • Understanding of Needs
  • A good listener
  • Confident
  • Uses initiative
  • Promotes independence
  • Firm with boundaries
  • Supportive (to everyone, includes relatives & staff)
  • Safeguarding
  • Promotes positive risks
  • Promotes choice
  • Calm
  • Generally knowledgeable
  • Well trained
  • Not scared easily / robust
  • Compassionate
  • Able to drive
Other Responses

There were quite a lot of really good responses which weren't brought up frequently but definitely need to be featured on this page and they are:

  • Knowledge of a person's routine
  • Being honest / trustworthy
  • Helping to do certain tasks
  • Enjoy's walking / exercise
  • Stability
  • Intelligent
  • Imagination
  • Common Sense
  • Committed
  • Flexible
  • Strength
  • Not being judgemental
  • Maintaining professional boundaries
  • Able to 'think on the spot'
  • Reliable
  • Consistent
  • Follow's Support Plans
  • Good at record keeping
  • Prepared for setbacks
  • Likeable
  • Presentable
  • Mature (not age but maturity level)
  • Not the type of person who makes/forces people to do things
  • Persistent
  • Caring / Demonstrates that they care
  • Doesn't have 'clock in / clock out' mentality
  • Not being bossy / bullying
  • Good attitude
  • Able to use initiative / motivated
  • Being genuine / interested
  • Having a cheerful outlook
  • Empathetic with relatives
  • Outgoing
  • Organised
  • Respectful

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